Organic Bins - How they work

The bins work by using a very natural and organic process that has been around for about 2 billion years. We have boxed that up into something that is attractive, easy to use and doesn’t attract bugs or give or any horrid smells. We haven’t invented the process (God and/or evolution did that) we just made it look good.


In the middle of the bin is a mix of earthworms and bacteria that we supply with the bins. This mix is self-sustaining. Giving them your food scrapes is feeding the system, keeping them alive, allowing them to multiple. The bin will continue to work as long as you continue to throw your food waste in there. The earth-worms and bacteria breakdown your food scrapes into usable compost (called vermi-compost)


This process is 100% natural, 100% safe, 100% organic and 100% the way we should be doing things. The key to a sustainable future is sustainable practices.

Step 1:


Throw your food waste, (everyday, twice a day, once every 2 days – what-ever you feel comfortable with), into the bin.

Inside the bin is a Magical Micro-mix of Earthworms, Bacteria and Fungi which go to work breaking the food down into usable compost.


There are some foods that you shouldn’t add to your bin. Mostly meat. Check out the FAQ below.

organic bin recycling3

Step 2:


Once every 45 days or so, give the extraction handles a turn and collect the vermi-compost in the tray at the bottom of the bin. There will be some worms in the vermicompost, put them with your other plants, spread the love. There will be more than enough in the bin to continue the digestion of your food. The bin is tightly sealed so attracts no pests and filters inside ensure that there are no unpleasant smells.


There is no need to purchase anything else for the bin. As long as you add food, the system keeps going – It’s called sustainable.


That’s it! That’s all you need to do to stop contributing to the problem of food waste

vermi-compost extraction4

Styles & Specs

Below are our current styles along with their specs sheets. If you have any more questions that aren’t answered by now, best to drop us a whatsapp and we will respond. Whats-app: +27 064 867 3747

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How to get one

We are a start-up as as such, are producing these on a per order basis. There are a few ways you can get one:


1)  Order online


2) Fill in the CIF form and we will give you send you the spec sheets and prices. You can decide then.


3) give us a call : Tel / what’s-app: +27 (064) 867 3747


4) Drop us an email :


Frequently asked questions

Will there be any funny smells from this?
Nope. You can put this next to your bed and still sleep like a baby.


Is this safe? Natural?
This process is 100% natural, 100% safe, 100% organic and 100% the way we should be doing things. The key to a sustainable future is sustainable practices.


Will it attract insects?
Nope. There are no smells that are released from the bin and that is how insects and bugs find their food, through smell.


Should I put the bin indoors or outdoors?
You can put it either indoors or out doors. Obviously if you have it indoors you may battle to grow plants in it due to the lack of sunlight, but the bin is weather proof, so you can have it outdoors.


Do I need to buy things on a monthly basis for this system?
Nope. The Magic-micro mix that we supply with the bin which includes earthworms and bacteria is all you need for the system. Provided you feed the worms they will remain alive and multiply and continuously feed on your food.


Do I need to water this?
The general rule that we like to say is that when-ever you water the plants, throw a bit of water in the bin. It’s good to keep it moist as it’s a living system with living creature in there. Every living creature requires water.


How much food can I put in here:
we have 2 different sizes of bins. The smaller one can be used for a single or couple living together unless you are a really healthy couple then get the bigger one.
The smaller bin can handle 5kg of food waste a week and the bigger one can handle 10kg of food waste a week.


Is this the same as composting?
Naa. Composting takes a lot longer and uses different bacteria to break down the food.


Can I put liquids in here?
Preferably not, throw off liquids down the drain.


What types of foods can I put in here?
Most foods can be put it there, except for raw meat. Things that aren’t recommended are things like corn cobs and nut shells, avocado pips. Harder organic matter takes longer to breakdown.


What actually happens to the food-scraps?
We have developed a unique solution of various bacteria and Lumbricus Terrestris which work together to consume and process the food. We breed this mixture and we supply it with the bin.


Will I have to get my hands dirty or touch any icky stuff?
Nope. occasionally, you turn the shanks and the converted food waste falls into a tray which you can then remove and place back in with the plants. But you won’t have to touch anything.


Can I go away on holiday and leave the bin?
Yip. The system will survive up to 2 months with no maintenance. If you place it outdoors where it will receive rain, it will survive a lot longer than 2 months.


Is this the same as the bokashi method?
No. the Bokashi method uses a anerobic method.


What plants can I plant in the bin?
Any plants you want. Trees are probably not a good idea.


This is a nice idea, why hasn’t it been done before?
It kinda has. We’ve just made it cool.

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