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To get to business…The Organic Bin works, simply by you throwing your food waste into the bin. The earthworm and bacteria system (that is supplied with the bin) converts your food waste into usable vermi-compost. Built-in filters ensure no smells or pest and the extraction handles provide a convenient way to extract the vermi-compost once every 2 months or so.


The most impact you can have, in reducing your carbon footprint, is to recycle your food waste. When you throw your food scraps in the garbage, they end up rotting in landfills producing Methane gas. Methane gas is 17 times more harmful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. We are all contributing to the problem of global warming, so we all need to contribute to the solution.


The Organic Bin is one of those solutions.

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A beautiful way

to recycle

your food scraps

How Organic Bins Work

The bin uses a (r)evolutionary process that has been developed over millions of years. We have taken this and bred from it, a Magical-Micro-Mix of the best in organic waste recycler. This is supplied with the bin that goes to work once you deposit your food waste inside. The Micro-Mix then converts your food waste into top grade nutrient rich vermi-compost which you can use on other plants around the house.

Get more into the specifics of the bins below.

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Sustainable food waste solutions

Benefits of recycling your food waste

No garbage smells

Your garbage smells because you have combined your food waste with other plastics and material that reduces the oxygen and it starts to rot. When it gets oxygen, it doesn’t rot. Our system has aeration all the way through it. No smells, no flies, no pests. Easy Peezy.

Creating beauty

Be cool. Get some braggin’ rights with your friends. Create some beauty. You’ve now got an attractive bin that recycles your food waste. How cool is that? Go buy an Apple phone while you at it. No wait, don’t. Apple is a company that cares little about the environment.


The system produces high quality vermicompost that you can incorporate into your other pot plants and garden. Seriously people, this bin produces the good stuff. R450 a bag normal cost. Why buy when you can recycle and get your own?

Save money

If you recycle your other waste like glass, paper, plastic, you can cancel your contract with Pick-it-up. Mostly why you need to get your waste picked up weekly, is because it starts to smell. If you take out the organic matter from it, (the food waste). It won’t stink – You now have more control over your waste.

It's easy

Our bins are easy. They are an all natural organic process. Almost maintenance free. There is a built-in aeration systems and once every month, give the handles a turn and collect your vermicompost. Easy-peezy

You are the problem

When you throw your food scraps away in your “general waste”, it gets mixed with other non-recyclable waste and starts to rot. This creates methane gas which is a green house gas – 17 times more powerful than CO2. You are doing this. You are currently adding to the global warming problem.

Over 43 million cubic meters of Methane gas are released from South African landfills every year

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